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After the huge success and multiple updates of web and iOS version, RenRen Game releases the same version to Web&iOS for Android users this time, Chaos of Three Kingdoms Deluxe lands on Google Play with Gorgeous gift. If you are Android users, please do not hesitate to update the newest version of Chaos of Three Kingdoms, there are more fun, functions and levels, etc.

Moreover, Chaos of Three Kingdoms is one Cross-Platform Strategy and MMO game, So data synchronization among all kinds of devices. That is to say, you can login Chaos of Three Kingdoms with the same account on any device, but you will go on your enjoyment there.

It is disclosed from RenRen Game insides that the developers have make many improvement according to the comments from Google Play. So they release the latest version once for Android users, meanwhile, they will keep their much attention to the newest Android users’ experience. Moreover, there are gorgeous Gifts for Android participators. Welcome to take part in the Android latest version of Chaos of Three Kingdoms, you will learn the difference and get the exciting gift. More about the details please keep eyes on official forum.

【EVENT1】Login from android version gets honor and speed up orders.

During the event, players login the  “Chaos of Three Kingdoms deluxe” android version, then players receive a package—“android ”, it contains 10 gold and 20 speed up orders , 30000honor, 50000 silver.

【EVENT2】Write evaluation and win prize
Write evaluation for “Chaos of Three Kingdoms deluxe” android version, send screenshots to forum activities in the post, then have chance to get a “android evaluation” package,it contains 20000 honor and Synthesis Stone Lv2*1.

【Event 3 】Consecutive login for gold and speed ups
during the event, players log in from “Chaos of Three Kingdoms deluxe” android version can get a package, which include “100 gold and 100 speed ups”.

【Official Website】:

【Address for download】:

Chaos of Three Kingdoms Deluxe
The best Three Kingdoms game in Android.
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