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Kaku-San-Sei, the first Million Arthur mobile game of Square Enix, will be shutting down on 30th March 2015 in Japan. This will not affect the Amazon version of the game, and the spin-off titles on PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS. No announcement was made for the SEA English server and China server of the game.


Square Enix mentioned in the closure announcement (seen above) that the decision was made as it was “hard to implement features to fit the expectations of operational side”. And if the game continues to run, it will “not meet the players’ expectations”. All focus will now be placed on the already-launched sequel, Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur. There is currently no overseas server for this game.

Square Enix also confirmed that development on Deck Make Million Arthur, another mobile game, will be stopped as the gameplay is too similar to Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur’s. However, certain features and storyline in Deck Make will eventually make their way to Kai-ri-Sei in the future.


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