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If you enjoy playing Pixelberry's High School Story, I can guarantee that you will also enjoy playing Hollywood U: Rising Stars from the same developer. In this game you will experience playing with the class of a brand new university on Avenue of the Stars. Taking over for the rich girls who get involve to all good jobs. Don't be hesitated, the hottest new star in Hollywood is...YOU! 


Hollywood U is a game made by Pixelberry Studios. It is a video game containing mature content and is currently available for download on iOS, Andriod, & Kindle devices.

In Hollywood U: Rising Stars, players complete story-based quests as their character trains in the speciality they’ve chosen (directing, for instance). Other students can be recruited to the school, with each having their own “type.” While players can choose to be one of three basic types, additional students come in a wider variety, ranging from reality TV stars and action heroes to models, agents and more.


Download the game here

Users can either purchase new students directly from the store (many are premium), or recruit them for free by having students of specific types party at Club VIP. The resulting student will have the same type, or a mix of their types. For instance, a party with a movie star and a director might result in an agent, and so on.


Each student requires a dorm room for living on campus, and these dorms produce money players can collect over time, with the amount of money determined by the number and level of the students living within them. These funds can be put back into the school by purchasing decorations, new dorms, or new clothing for students (some clothing is also premium).


Students can be leveled up in the Workshop, where they complete tasks specific to their career. This leveling process, student admissions and quests all take time to complete, or can be rushed using premium currency. Special VIP quests become available over time, unlocking special characters who can provide benefits for a player’s in-game career, but these quests cost premium currency to unlock.


For social features, players can connect to their Facebook account and link their friends’ names to new students on campus.


Eventually, players unlock a dating feature, allowing them to date other characters (including established celebrities) within the game. New quests are set for release every Friday following this initial launch, so players’ stories will only continue to grow, the longer they play.



Congratulations! You’ve just been accepted to Hollywood University, the school for stars. Pack your bags, because fame, fortune, and romance await!

• CHOOSE YOUR PATH TO FAME: Will you be a Director, Movie Star, or Fashionista?
• DRESS FOR THE RED CARPET in dozens of high-fashion gowns and on-trend outfits!
• DATE CELEBRITIES! Jet set to Vegas, attend red carpet premieres, and more… with ongoing dates that build your relationship!
• MAKE BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES... show Hollywood why you belong on the A-list!
• BUILD YOUR ENTOURAGE by recruiting Celebutantes, Action Heroes, Reality TV Stars… and more!
• IMMERSIVE, ONGOING NARRATIVE penned by the best writing team in mobile gaming!
• YOUR STORY CONTINUES in new quests released every Friday!


Please note that Hollywood U is completely free to play, but you can purchase some in-game items with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, you can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

And Hollywood U: Rising Star is now available on Get 5 store and App store now:

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