Samsung plans to ship 510 million mobiles in 2013, 390 million of which will be smartphones

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Looks like Samsung has pretty high hopes for next year in terms of mobile phone sales. The Korean company thinks it will extend its lead over Apple, its main rival in the smartphone space – and by a lot.

Samsung is widely expected to ship around 420 million phones this year. Next year, though, the company says it will manage 510 million sales. What’s more, a whopping 390 million of those should be smartphones alone, with the remaining 120 million being feature phones.

In percentage points, Samsung thus expects to sell around 20% more devices in 2013 compared to this year.

This information comes from “an executive at one of Samsung’s key suppliers”, according to The Korea Times. The estimates above contradict a forecast from Gartner, the leading market researcher, that predicted 250 million to 300 million smartphone sales for Samsung next year. Then again, analysts have been wrong in assessing the smartphone market’s growth (and Android’s, and Samsung’s) many times before.

On a side note, Samsung going from 600,000 smartphones sold in 2009 to 390 million in 2013 is… quite an achievement, surely you must agree.

The Korean company is also on track to replace Nokia as the world’s biggest phone maker in 2012, after no less than 14 years in which the Finns reigned supreme on that front.

An analyst at Samsung Securities expects Samsung to post a 21 trillion won ($19.55 billion) profit for 2013, up from 19 trillion won ($17.68 billion) this year.

According to yet another source, Samsung will make 240 million of its phones next year in Vietnam, 170 million in China, 40 million in South Korea, and 20 million in India. The company is expected to invest around $2.2 billion in its Vietnamese facilities by 2020 to boost their output even more. This will allow for savings on manufacturing and logistics costs, savings which apparently will be passed on to the company’s customers.

A Samsung official has been quoted as saying that by offering better prices to consumers in developing nations, the company will find a new way to grow its sales. Also, LTE-capable Samsung devices should get more affordable too. So although there are ‘some possibilities’ for smartphone demand to slow down in the next period, Samsung is confident that it’s got what it takes to alleviate that risk.

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