Check Out This New IPHONE Coming All The Way From Brazil And Running Android

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Apple’s iPhone is a product and name that’s known to most people around the world. It’s the company’s biggest contribution to the mobile industry. The iPhone started the whole touch-screen revolution, popularized the term app, carried forward the App Store, iTunes Store and all those new touch phones with humongous 5-inch plus screens. There is one slight problem though, a company in Brazil just announced their new mobile phone called ‘IPHONE’.

Brazilian electronics maker IGB Electronica SA has revealed new Android phones under the brand name G Gradient IPHONE. The first device from the maker will be called the IPHONE Neo One and will run Android Gingerbread version 2.3.4. The specs aren’t anything amazing, with the phone having a 320-by-480 pixel resolution display, 700 MHz processor, dual-SIM and 3G connectivity.

Reuters reports that IGB Electronica said they have exclusive rights to the brand ‘IPHONE’ in the local market. Apparently, the company secured rights to the name in early 2008 and had applied to the same in the year 2000, far before Apple’s iPhone was announced. Hence, IGB believes that they have exclusive rights for the brand IPHONE and not Apple.

We’re pretty sure that Apple is mostly going to resolve this problem by means of a settlement. If you remember, Apple had faced a similar problem in China, when a Chinese firm claimed rights over the ‘iPad’ name. The company Pro-View was payed $60 million to settle the dispute and Apple won back the name iPad.

The G Gradient IPHONE Neo One (whoa) will be priced at 600 Brazilian Real, which is about $290. This ‘smartphone’ doesn’t look anything like the Apple iPhone, nor does have anything in common in terms of hardware / specs. The Apple iPhone will most likely not have any problems in Brazil, but the fruit company will try to resolve this soon. After all, the iPhone is what Apple is most known for.




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