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2014 is the year I have heard many rumors about Flyff Online, the 10-year-old MMORPG being serviced by Webzen. However, one of them has recently proven to be true as Gala Lab started the pre-signup event for Flyff All Stars in early December. Flyff All Stars [iOS/Android] is the mobile version of Flyff Online developed and owned by Gala Lab.

As of today, December 17th 2014, Gala Lab has officially announced that Flyff All Stars is now available in over 130 countries on both iOS and Android. Since I am a fan of Flyff Online and a good friend with the developers, I was able to have a short interview with HyunSu Kim, the CEO of Gala Lab.

Q. Your new mobile game Flyff All Stars has come from Flyff Online. Before we start, please briefly introduce Flyff Online for the people who don’t know about it very well.

Gala Lab - Flyff Online is the first ever flying MMORPG developed and published in 2005. Flyff is the abbreviation for Fly For Fun. It has been serviced in over 30 countries worldwide in 10 different languages and has been enjoyed by over 50 million people for 10 years.


Q. What made you to develop Flyff All Stars?

Gala Lab - The year 2015 is actually the 10th anniversary of Flyff Online. Servicing an online game for 10 years is very rare case in the market, so we really wanted to do something to commemorate this especially for our players. I tell you, when you have the players beside you for almost 10 years, they are NOT just players any more. They are your game designers, your critics and your best friends. It is our great pleasure to represent Flyff All Stars for their unending love and support.


Q. What was the main focus on developing FLYFF All Stars?

Gala Lab. We intended to make a game that everyone can enjoy. FLYFF Online is a PC MMORPG and converting this big guy into the game for everyone was the key focus in the game design field. One of the results is using the portrait layout for the handy control. Most importantly, keeping the RPG aspect alive in the game was the utmost crucial factor.


Q. What was the most difficult thing you faced while developing the game?

Gala Lab. Unlike PC games, mobile games are shown in a smaller screen and are played anywhere. RPG is one of the most complex game genres to develop and squeezing this monster into a small mobile device was a very challenging experience for everyone in the studio. We had to re-design many aspects of the game from time to time and it was not a pleasant experience.

You can download Flyff All Stars on the iTunes Store and Google Play, or find out more on the Facebook fan page.

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