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The Galaxy Note 2 may have launched with Jelly Bean, however that does not mean that it cannot be updated. And in fact, T-Mobile has just announced an upcoming update. The update will be available beginning on December 19, which is this coming Wednesday. It will bring a new feature along with some fixes.

The new feature is the multi-window support. This is a nice little perk, and one that is seemingly welcomed by those rocking the oversized smartphone. Of course, with a 5.5 inch display, multi-window support somehow sounds like it makes sense. Otherwise, the fixes include one for those using Gmail and one for those using Exchange.

The Gmail fix deals with being able to swipe through messages and the Exchange fix deals with calendar events. More specifically, this should resolve the issue where Exchange calendar events were not appearing on device Calendar. Those with a T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 will be able to grab the update over-the-air or using Kies.

The update will keep the software as Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. The baseband however will change and once updated should be as version T889UVALK8. All said and done, this is certainly not an earth shattering update, however given the fixes deal with two often used services, we suspect that more than a few T-Mobile users will be looking forward to Wednesday.

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