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Another hot Facebook game is hitting on the App Store! Duty Of Heroes, which is a turn-based MMORPG with a magic and fantasy background, contains all the most popular PVP features you will enjoy ---- Build a castle, defeat evil, join arena and challenge dungeons. Let's catch a glimpse of the new iOS version of the game here and explore!


The game story line dates back to the ancient times, when the evil Lich King opened the gate of dark, sent his undead legions attempting to take over the terrestrial world. The two races, humans and orcs joined forces to protect this land. In seeking of survival and freedom, they gathered young heroes from every race into large or small teams to start adventures, with the one faith and duty, to eliminate the Lich King!


Inside the gameplay of Duty Of Heroes, players will compete through different systems, which makes strategy important. Arena is divided by team, class and party with cross-server feature; Instances and dungeons are distinguished with difficulty. No matter you are a team leader, party leader or guild leader, if you want a taste of victory, you will need to take full consideration of your enemy's attack type and team formation and decide the class choice for your own.


In the latest updates, Duty Of Heroes is bringing up new features of "Expedition" and "Puzzle", allowing players to explore the more exciting and mysterious parts of the game.


As launched in Facebook earlier in 2013, Duty Of Heroes has been popular among European and American players, and entered the top grossing games chart with a total user ratings of 4.3. The new iOS version of the game fits iPhone and iPad screen well and is completely compatible with the Facebook version, yet brings more exciting experience on the mobile devices.


Get the game now on App Store and join game battles anywhere on your iPhones and iPads in your hand with fun!


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