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In view of the worldwide success of Game of War and some other masterpiece, there are always companies trying hardcore SLG. However, it is rare that new SLGs could break through the status quo, while it is a common occurrence that many SLGs fail after launching for a couple of days. There are two reasons for this situation. One is that SLG is a highly operation-dependent type of game with long lifestyle. The other is that SLG attaches great importance to technology and numeric value (compared with picture and special effect), which directly eliminates many low-level developing teams. It is mature works from large developing team that make breakthrough. So I was with low expectation when I downloaded Kingdom War, but its performance is better than my imagination, which is a little bit beyond my expectation.

Next, I will make a brief preview to this new SLG compared with GOW.


The loading page is quite good. The whole picture is oil painting with European realistic style, which is similar to tap4fun’s King’s Empire. This loading page stands for the entire art keynote of the game.

An interesting thing is that players enter the game after exiting, instead of reentering the loading page like GOW do. This improvement makes people feel that the developing team is quite trustworthy.

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