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Though the famous Japanese anime NARUTO finished with a happy ending, the popularity of NARUTO won't get faded. This week we're gonna introduce 5 hot Japanese anime themed mobile games, including your favorite Attack on Titan, Naruto, Dragon Ball, Doraemon, and Sailor Moon. Read on, guys!

Sailor V

The sailor suited Soldier of Justice...SAILOR VENUS IS HERE!" An entirely fan made Sailor V Game heavily referenced from "CODENAME: SAILOR V" in the new series, Sailor Moon Crystal!


Venture off to fight monsters and bosses in the mini dungeon runner style action game. Try to survive through on-going pillars that constantly change every time you play, making it more of a challenge for you. Try to beat your own score, challenge your friends, or try to beat the best score shown on Google Play's Leaderboards! You will also be able to post your scores on Facebook and Twitter, so show off your skills to your friends at Sailor V!


Download the game here

As hardcore "Moonies", we hope that you will enjoy Sailor V! Expect more updates to come with more features for extended play!


1. Using "Double Jump" too often can lead you to your death! Keep your "Double Jump" for farther pillars or to avoid monsters. Usually planning just a single jump in between pillars will be just enough to help you move along.
2. When Spinning, it is better to Spin at a steady pace and make sure that you are spinning in a full circle rather than rushing it!
3. "Sailor Moon" and "Codename: Sailor V" are respectfully owned by Naoko Takeuchi, KODANSHA, and Toei Animation.

Sailor V is available now on Get5 store:


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