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3D Bull Runner
Feel the wrath of Bull Dozer in this 'hit and run' game from the streets of Spain and charge into as many runners as possible!!

In 3D Bull Runner, player plays an angry Bull, bump the people fly in the streets one by one, the game has gorgeous 3D effect and funny voice, make the game very interesting.

Rosemary, the developers of the acclaimed game Happy Balance Ball are back with an all new installment in their android game franchise. 3D Bull Runner is a fun filled gamed, in which you basically Bull-doze through people running for their life.  This simple yet fun “Hit and Run” game can be played in three different modes: Regular, Arena and my personal favorite Street Run. Other than drilling your horns in them you also have to keep on collecting power-ups as you charge through a bunch of scared Spaniards. The game’s graphics are quite commendable and the 3D Physics are quite fluid.

Two things worth mentioning are the Sound Track, which makes you sink in the game completely and the use of Slow motion at the perfect time of impact.  The integration with Facebook and Twitter helps you proudly flaunt your highscores to your friends. The game can be downloaded for free on the Play Store now. So don’t take my worth for it. Go ahead! Try it out for yourself.


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