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As the rapid development of mobile Internet in our daily life, browser games and mobile client has taken an important role for online game industry. Though client game still keeps firmly in its place under such circumstance, the new demands for mobile phones has already become a trend. In G-star 2014 NCSoft, a notable game company in South Korea, just announced that their popular MMORPG Blade & Soul, Lineage Eternal, MXM, Project Hon, Aion and more will be getting spin-offs soon in the future. What a surprise! Well, read on to see the top anticipated mobile games derived from hottest MMOs this year.



Only similar to its original work in cute characters and exquisite graphics, Blade & Soul mobile version will boast a cuter look and a love-story, turning its storyline from dark revenge to a sweet love. At present, no more information about release dates or platforms has been announced for it.


From the video we can find that Blade & Soul mobile version offers a wonderful land and a delightful story for character growth. To enable players get more strategic fun this game, players can interact with each other and overcome the thorough quests together.

Sometimes, we found some quests and battle are extremely challenging, but Blade & Soul mobile version aiming at anyone who has a smartphone with good configuration would be very easy to play and fits for newbie. Yes! I mentioned good configuration, as its client version, Blade & Soul mobile version requires minimum on phone should be like Galaxy S2 and iPhone 4S.


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