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Kingdoms kicks off the closed beta test of OMG! Kingdoms! on Android today, the CBT will last from Nov. 28th, 12:00 to Dec. 12nd, 24:00. And all data will be deleted when they start an OBT on IOS and Android. All kinds of rewards during the CBT, including Sign-in Reward, Level Pack, Serve Pack etc. Everyone has a chance to get. If you want to get a head start on the rave reviews game, you would never miss it!


Cute characters and humorous style

OMG!Kingdoms is a classic card game based on the critically acclaimed Chinese classic novel Three Kingdoms with all kinds of super cute characters and humorous plots. Compared with the battle system of other card games, OMG! Kingdoms aims at the concept of Battle Card, strives to show the original and pure Chinese style in every spot.


In the game when your hero reaches a certain amount of Rage, that will trigger Rage effect to increase your combat power. The visionally stunning combat scene will bring you a very excited experience.

Innovative Card Systems

Combining card collection and RPG game traits is a big feature in this game. You can deploy your heroes and create your unique card formation flexibly.


You can choose a Famed Hero to develop the Affection. When a Hero Affection is increased, all your heroes will get a stat bonus in the battle. That is very powerful. The enemy forces are at the gates, what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy OMG! Kingdoms! Interested players can visit the Official Facebook and Official Website to know more information.

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