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DOTAncients is an easier version of a blockbuster Card RPG mobile game that offers a wide range of abilities and choices which appear to be more addictive than a regular card RPG game. But even a veteran riching in experience still needs some tips for playing. You can read on to see more cheats, tips, guide and tricks before fighting at the arena.


8 Differents Evolution Stages

Everytime your hero reaches LVL 50, you hero will get a Holy Soul and make all his attributes and skills evolve per 1.50. The Holy Soul can upgrade 8 times and the higher level you have higher the bonus you get, better you equipment will be. Get your Holy Spirit at the Holy Spirit Temple of the Stars and become the most epic Hero of DOTAncients.

Be the best player on our PVP platform and experience new quests every day. Indeed, pLayers will be able to test daily different entertaining challenges. Special loots are settled everyday. Each day you will be suggested a special loot pertaining a specific hero.


Fight and be on top of the Arena Podium

The Heroes

Players will start the game with one hero, but will have the possibility to get four more. There are several ways to get heros.

Buy a Hero at the Tavern:

Tavern is the cool place where you can have a beer and... buy a hero! Be carefull when picking them: The more the heros are experienced the more they are expensive ! Great way to get a strong team quickly.


Defeat a Hero in a Dungeon:

Each dungeon has a Boss. Fight them and try your chance to get them after killing them!

Win a Hero:

Wouldn’t be fun if you couldn’t win your hero ! Try our wheel of fortune, Treasure chest cards and our VIP gift package to get a Hero. It ‘s a fun and easy way to get powerful heroes.

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