Phone Wars: HTC Droid DNA VS Apple iPhone 5

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Before we get started, we like to make fun of the iPhone and it’s users. In this post I am going to try hard not to be biased and just give you the facts of each device in this Phone War. Now that’s out of the way. We’ve got two great devices, that are both available on Verizon. The HTC Droid DNA with it’s amazing display and small battery in one corner and this year’s iPhone with an improved processor and an extra half an inch of screen estate. This is Phone Wars! Let’s get this thing going with some specs.



The HTC Droid DNA. Verizon’s newest beast for the Holiday season. The DNA goes on Sale on November 21, 2012. It features a gorgeous display which has 441PPI, along with a blazing fast Snapdragon S4 Pro processor which is quad-core. The device is beautiful looking, which is normal for HTC devices. They normally look like high-end devices. Unlike the iPhone looking the same for the past 3 years. On the software side the Droid DNA features Android 4.1 – Jelly Bean with HTC’s custom skin, Sense 4+ on top. To some Sense 4+ is a plus, and others it’s not. You’ll see what I mean in a minute.


That screen! 5 inches of 1080p goodness. Easily the best display on the market right now
Jelly Bean! Coming out-of-the-box, Android 4.1 is already there. Including Google Now, Project butter and expandable notifications
Sense 4+, I’ve said this many times but manufacturers skins are both pro’s and con’s because not everyone wants them


Bloatware. There’s so much bloatware from both HTC and Verizon
Small battery; only 2020mAh which won’t last long with that screen and LTE
No expandable storage; what you buy is what you get

Apple iPhone 5

Like I said earlier, we are an Android site so naturally we dislike the iPhone. But I will provide the facts and not my opinion. The iPhone 5 has some changes over it’s previous model. Like the increase from 3.5″ screen to 4.0″. Along with a slightly faster processor, and iOS 6. The iPhone 5 still sports the same design on the outside that it’s had since the iPhone 4. The interface is also basically the same, which is sad for competition. But for those that love the iPhone, you’ll love the iPhone 5. But I won’t, since I love Android.


Slightly larger screen than previous models
A bit faster than the iPhone 4S
Finally has LTE


No expandable storage
Apple Maps (do I need to say anything else?)


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