How many Samsung execs does it take to talk war against Apple? ‘About 200.’

James Han
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The war on Apple is a serious matter for Samsung, which is fighting the iPhone maker in a variety of patent-based battles in multiple markets.

While the company has scored some recent victories against Apple in the UK, where the latter has been ordered to pay all of Samsung’s legal fees after disregarding the courts instructions related to a certain apology to the South Korean company, it’s still Apple that won the most favorable rulings so far, including the late-August $1.05 billion verdict.

Samsung is yet to pay any damages to Apple, as we’re looking at more legal proceedings scheduled for December in this first U.S. case between the two. But Apple is apparently a problem for Samsung, one that will be discussed at an upcoming Samsung internal event.

According to South Korean publication Chosunilbo, the company has scheduled a top executives meeting for December 17-18, when “about 200 chiefs of overseas branches” will meet to talk strategy related to “the global recession” but also about “an intensifying standoff with rival Apple.”

While in previous years, the annual global strategy meeting “often set business goals for the following year,” now the 200 execs will talk “new guidelines for the tech giant’s worldwide sales network,” with Apple probably coming up quite a few times considering that the two giants have an undisputed monopoly on smartphone profits.

As for the legal matters between them, just a few days ago we heard that Samsung does not want to settle with Apple, like HTC did, and that it prefers to wage that war in courts. With that in mind, it will be interesting to see what these 200 execs will decide in mid-December, especially considering that the upcoming Apple-Samsung hearing in the U.S. will take place on December 6.

While we wait, we can only point you to the most recent Apple vs Samsung spoof video and serve the obvious joke: how many Samsung execs does it take to talk war against Samsung? “About 200.”

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