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Skype, Gtalk, and other new means that bring people virtually closer together pretty much dispel the myth that a long-distance relationship simply can’t work. But we’re not here to start a counseling session, rather to talk about a new experiment — with a similar concept — that Google has introduced for budding musicians, JAM with Chrome.

JAM with Chrome is a new web application that lets you and your friends (all three of them) play music together on Chrome browser. Since the jam session is done in real-time, make sure you have a good Internet connection if you don’t want to mess a song up and get kicked out of the band.

There are 19 different music instruments that you can choose to play, such as acoustic guitars, drum kits, keyboard, and more. It’s probably best to stick with the “easy mode” and its very helpful autoplay functions if you’re just starting, while the pro can choose the … “pro mode”.

Check out the embedded video above on how Jam with Chrome works. If your friends aren’t interested in joining, you should get new ones or start a new solo JAM session instead. Sounds interesting?

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