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In 1990s fighting games has been popular with the rise of Arcade, representative works such as The king of fighters and Street Fighter are the must-play games. However, as diverse type of games increasing, fighting games nowadays are not that hot as in the past time. Still a large scale of guys loves these games, probably for the simple, brutal fighting, ancient turn-based style and exciting countless combos. Though the Arcade has been disappearing, Arcade mode games land on to devices like Android, iOS, PSP and Xbox 360. This week we’d like to share you some top ranking fighting games that will quench your thirst for bloody violence.


Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter IV (ストリートファイター IV) is a 2008 fighting game produced by Capcom,  no matter in game graphics or the fierce fighting makes this cross-platform arcade game fabulous. This game is AWSOME, everybody should play it they have street fighter volt which has online but this game is still epic.


Since it land on Android, Street Fighter IV hasn’t made too many big changes in its classic versus mode. Players can choose their challengers in dozens of characters and abundant scenes to combat. Through continuous victory, play will unlock brand-new characters and gears which undoubtedly provide an unobstructed path to KO rivals.


Download Street Fighter IV

Super Street Fighter 4 surfaced a year later and added 10 new characters to the roster, but since then, the game-to-game differences have been tailored more towards the dedicated fans. Ultra Street Fighter 4 continues this tradition with five new characters, a trio of fundamental system changes and not so much as a story mode in sight.

Till now the official version of Street Fighter 4 supports Bluetooth fighting. The special actions, intensive attack and super combos of it will quench your thirst for bloody violence. Download Street Fighter IV on Get5 Store:


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