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Contract Killer: Sniper, an shooter game developed by Glu Mobile will be released on Android and iOS next week. As with previous games in the Contract Killer series, you'll be playing a master assassin with lots of guns, a shaved head, and a passion for running between cover.

Yep, it's a cover-to-cover shooter that switches to first-person when you need to shoot your enemies. You can fire from the hip, but most of the time you'll want to aim down your red dot sights for accuracy's sake.

There are sniper missions here. But there are more missions in which you use an assault rifle, or other type of gun that's not a sniper rifle. It's a bit odd, given that title, which leads me to believe that, in fact, this game should have really been called Contract Killer 3.

It's more of the same, then. That's no bad thing if you enjoy the Contract Killer series. I'm just saying you should expect this to be a game that doesn't focus on the sniper rifle that much.

Contract Killer: Sniper

There are over 250 missions in the single player campaign to complete that take you across the globe hunting down targets. You can get an idea of the variety of missions in the trailer above.

Sometimes you'll need to throw knives for silent kills and then plant a bomb. Other times you'll be running between cover shooting men in corridors full of crates and concrete blocks.

Slo-mo sniping

The sniper rifle missions usually involve looking through your sights to find your target, then shooting them in the head. You'll get one of those slow-motion cameras that follow the bullet's path. Then it's time for the next mission.

There's also a PvP mode that you'll unlock, so you can also test your cover shooting skills against other online players.

Outside of the shooting, you'll need to purchase new guns and upgrade the ones you own in order to take on some missions. There are three types of currencies and IAPs on offer for those that want them.

Via: pocketgamer

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