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Rugby Nations 15 (RN15), a great rugby footgall game will hit Android and iOS this November. With so many improvements over the previous game, there's something for both hardcore fans of the sport and casual gamers. Along with a boost to graphics and audio, the game features freshly tweaked AI and new challenges to keep even the most hardcore players on their toes. Your players now move and react more like the real thing with better defensive AI and upgraded Box Kick and Cross Field Kick AI.

Rugby Nations 15

The brand new Career Mode takes your rookie player through the ranks of the sport, starting in the bottom tier leagues right through to becoming an international superstar player, tackling your way to a world tournament, all the while boosting your player skills and stats. Added realistic weather effects, including snow and rain, change how the match plays, giving your team the full anger of Mother Nature to overcome.

Rugby Nations 15

Stadium enhancements and the new match audio drop you right in the middle of the screaming fans, so you can feel every kick, tackle or cheer. Test out the experience in the new Autumn Internationals challenge, just in time for the real event. With the enhanced replays, you never need to miss a moment of your player's rugby career.

Rugby Nations 15

And here's a small list of some of the changes:

New defensive AI, teams now switch dynamically between defensive styles such as Blitz and Drift.

Improved general AI and positioning for a faster and more realistic rugby experience.

Improved Box Kick and new Cross Field Kick AI.

Updated team statistics based on real world performance.

New Career Mode.

New Club teams available to play in Exhibition Matches and Career Mode.

New challenges, including Autumn Internationals.

Graphical improvements to stadiums, pitches and players.

New match audio.

Enhanced replays, now including replays for conversions.

New weather effects, such as snow and rain.

Brand new menu system for enhanced usability.

Rebalanced difficulty levels for a more fun and challenging experience.

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