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Game of War – Fire Age, a massive multiplayer strategy game, has become more and more popular since its initial release. In Game of War – Fire Age you can build and grow your own empires, create alliances and strategize with other players to conquer the world. A unique feature of this game is that it has in-game-language-translation which allows players come from all over the world enjoy this game more easily.

At beginning, you may regard Game of War – Fire Age as a building and warmongering type games. In fact, this game contains all about building up empires through researching, crafting and invading opposing cities. Isn’t it sounds potentially exciting? Notably, all progression is done through tapping on relevant boxes or placing buildings and waiting a certain length of time for them to be completed.

Game of War – Fire Age

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In Game of War – Fire Age, a series of quests are available. Just like giving guidance as to how to develop your own city, or by researching certain upgrades or building a new farm and barrack. As we all known, gathering resource is as important as building a significant armed force. So don’t forget to store resource during doing quests.

Game of War – Fire Age

Here are some useful tips for you to play this game more smoothly.

First, follow the quest line and be aware of a particular quest which requires you to scout another player.

Second, check a better alliance and join it as soon as possible. Because most of your success due to being as a part of an alliance.

Game of War – Fire Age

Third, resources are everything. So keep your resources ticking along whenever and wherever possible.

Forth, just build, build and build.

Fifth, keep yourself busy. Take on daily quests or alliance quests when you play and scout for abandoned places to attack

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