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The mysterious ocean has witnessed the history of human from generation to generation.I have been yearning for the ocean for a long time. There are numerous strategy mobile games available, but sailing strategy games are seldom found. That’s why I can’t help feeling excited when I contacted Wrath of the Pirates for the first time! Sailing out to be the lord of the ocean has always been my dream! The game system is fabulous, making medrowning in the fantastic world!

Wrath of the Pirates

Wrath of the Pirates is a sailing strategy MMORPG designed exclusively for players in the Arab region.It provides variousavatars of Arabs, making it different from common mobile games. Enter the game, you’ll find the quality of the game graphics is really amazing! More importantly, its high quality graphics will never make your cell phone sluggish. You won’t feel seasick on the ship. Trust me. The fabulous sea war will definitely give you surprises! Hold on to your hat!

Of course, the most fascinating feature of Wrath of Pirates is its wonderful game systems.

Sailing business, treasure hunting, port occupation and Guild PK system will all be your favourites!

Sailing business: You can earn Gold by doing business with ports all over the world. Doing businessis the basic skill of sailing.

Treasure hunting: You can hunt mysterious treasures with treasure maps. Abundant treasures await you to explore!

Port occupation: Currently, there are 6 ports for you to occupy. If you’re the winner, the profits of the occupied ports will all go to your pocket!

Guild PK: You can create or join a Guild to PK with other Guild to get wonderful rewards!

Arena: In the Arena, the top 10 heroes who get the most points in 20 minutes will be the winners and receive unbelievable prizes! If you join in Wrath of the Pirates now, a grand gift pack will be presented to you!

Every new player can login to the game and claim a grand gift pack worth of 200 USD from the warehouse! The pack will be given every 10 levels till level 100!

This wonderful pack contains a great number of Gold, ship drawings, treasure maps and various captain and ship equipment.It’s time to build up your invincible fleet and conquer the mysterious ocean! Fight with the legendary captains and write your remarkable history!

Scan the QR to download the game!

Wrath of the Pirates

Wrath of the Pirates is available in Wakti now!