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Today, Vampire Tribunals is available on Google Play, extending the real-world supernatural experience to Android devices around the world.  Android players can now join their vampire brethren in combat, biting through thousands of victims.

Jump into the game’s Autumn Tribunal: Rise of the Nine tournament, with all new quests and world events for players, such as Sleepers of the Mound where players search Scandinavia for the green witch lights that mark where the infamous Draugur rest. Players will experience:

Blood Feuds, where players can battle against specific Houses or Dominions for increased power and fame.
Blood Raves nowpop up around the globe, offering a vampire feeding frenzy where players earn increased power-ups, collect unique gems and battle a single, powerful demonic Vampire.
Various Halloween Quests around the world leading up to the darkest of holidays.


Key Features


• Whisper or Shout to other player’s in-game and share experiences on Facebook and Twitter.

• Watch the News ‘Feed’ for fertile feeding grounds and other damphyr activities.


• Play through an imaginative vampire narrative where you will meet key story figures during quests.



• The phases of the moon and seasons affect gameplay.
• If your faction is in alignment with the current moon, then your whole House will benefit from boosted stats.
• World Events coincide with each seasonal Tribunal, providing bigger more complex Quests and rewards leading up to the tournament-style Reckoning.


• Engage in an always-on mobile adventure, battling demons, and other damphyr.

Download this game here:

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