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Deadly Bullet developer Tommi Saalasti has released a challenging walking simulator called Strung Along for iOS and Android. While the urge is to compare Strung Along to QWOP, it being a walking simulator of sorts, it has enough character to be discussed by itself. The challenge here is to walk a puppet across a hazardous theatrical stage.


All you have to do is tap the big blue and red buttons in the corner of the screen, each of which correspond to one of the puppet's legs. If you get the rhythm right the puppet will walk. It might look like a drunk, but hey, it's walking and that's what matters. Anyway, that's the easy bit. The harder part is getting the puppet across thin platforms, up elevators, and jumping over rolling barrels. There are even small puzzles to work out.

You'll need to master timing and balance if you hope to get the puppet to the end of each level intact. There's also an endless mode if you want to really test yourself.

Via: pocketgamer

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