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In this age, smart phone, pad and App have already become our good life companions which are dispensable. And they almost replace the traditional ways of reading books and doing paper exercise, being proved to be enormous helpful in resourcing, memorizing and even knowledge management. Now here are five best Apps for you in studying, which are particularly suit for students and teachers. Once installing them on your android device, you will find your smart phone to be a learning machine. Let’s see what they are.

world atlas

World Atlas

Some students who are entering university or go to a new city seem bothered by losing their way. And at this moment a map is badly needed. World Atlas is the right App. Apart from finding path, this app can help you succeed in geography class because it provides high-res images with detail and accuracy beyond any Google image.

world atlas

What’s more, World Atlas is doing perfect help for history class students, providing world flags and facts about each country, including government types and capitals. And it allows you to switch between three different map styles, classic, antique and satellite. Students can choose your favorite style and bookmark the favorite places, as well.

* Olympics data
* Demographics
* Geographic info
* Travel info
* Weather info
* Flags
* Satellite + street maps
* Quiz mode


Download World Atlas

In short, it brings together information from Wikipedia, Wikitravel, Google Maps, Weather Underground, the CIA World Factbook, and others. Expand your knowledge with over 260 countries and 230 capitals.

World Atlas, the most complete atlas app, is available on Get5 Store:


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