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Terrible Tower, a free-to-play platformer for Android devices by start-up RedOrb Games, is now available. It puts a twist on conventional mechanics of the 2D platformer genre by making players progress from bottom to up instead of from left to right. The catch: Players who fall through a pit on the bottom drop right back in at the top of the screen and the game continues. Over 100 levels filled with tricky hazards are to be mastered with the help of power-ups and upgrades. Terrible Tower plays out in a variety of lovely, hand-crafted worlds.

It’s a long way to the top. Climbing the tower, players jump and fall their way through ten eras, each with a distinct look and feel. With every inch scaled, protagonist Ted’s journey gets more difficult. All eras consist of a pool of unique levels. For every playthrough, players are presented with a random selection from that pool. Therefore, every session in Terrible Tower offers new challenges.

Terrible Tower

Behind RedOrb Games is a young, Hamburg-based company, passionate about high-quality games for mobile devices. Starting in March of 2013, it has been RedOrb’s philosophy that games for smartphones and tablets have taken their place just alongside consoles and PC. Players expect to find high-value, memorable games to keep them entertained in extended sessions.

Terrible Tower

Key feature

·Exlusive on mobile Android devices
·Innovative platformer mechanics
·Free-to-Play: Purchase customization and upgrades for power-ups in the ingame store
·Use and modify special abilities to help with the ascent
·Dress protagonist Ted in any combination of multiple customization items

Terrible Tower

·More than 100 levels for long-lasting fun
·Master challenges for rewards and surprises
·Competition and motivation: climb higher than your friends
·Hand-drawn environments and characters take you into a colorful fantasy world
·A game for quick bursts or intense sessions
·Completely in English

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