Best Progressive Jackpot Games

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Some of the best progressive jackpot games have helped people win million-dollar prizes. Unsurprisingly, these are the games that become the most popular. This becomes something of a positive feedback loop with time.  

People keep on playing these games after they hear about them on the lists of the top casino jackpot winners. Since these are progressive jackpots, in the act of actually playing the games, people will continue to make the prizes for the games larger and larger. 


As the jackpots become larger and larger, the lucky winners will just get that much luckier in practice. This is the sort of thing that will just lead people to talk about their victories even more happily online, thus indirectly encouraging even more people to try the exact same excellent progressive jackpot games.  

One progressive slot game that a lot of people will be familiar with is Mega Moolah. This is truly a game that has helped countless people will jackpots in the millions. A lot of people continue to play Mega Moolah all the time, more or less hoping for the promise that is inherent in the title of the game.  


Mega Fortune is the Mega Moolah equivalent from NetEnt. People will often get huge fortunes through Mega Fortune, which is just as appropriately named. One of the world record winners actually managed to triumph by playing and winning at Mega Fortune. 

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