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Despite being outdone in screen size by a number of phablets this year, the Note 3 is still a big-screen phone, and a very big screen one at that. With its 5.7" diagonal, it's logical that the phablet is more prone to cracking under a drop test pressure. Is it really then that much of a surprise that the display made a spider web when the phone fell face down from chest height, considering that even the much smaller and plastic iPhone 5c did the same thing?

Not at all, plus the phone incurred quite a lot of visible bruises to the rim when it fell on its side as well. The phone was still operational underneath the cracked screen, however those Super AMOLED displays don't come cheap if you need a replacement, as Samsung has a monopoly on the spare panels, so be careful what you do with your Note 3, birthday party bash or not.

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