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Samsung’s rise to the smartphone dominance can be closely linked to the popularity of its Galaxy Sx line.
The first generation Galaxy S was Samsung’s breakthrough Android device, and things went from strength to even bigger strength from then on, culminating in 10 million Galaxy S4s shipped in less than a month from launch. But lately, among the widespread reports of disappointing Galaxy S4 sales, Samsung started seriously diluting the “Sx” brand, by introducing companion models like Galaxy S4 Mini, Zoom and Active.

I have been wondering what Samsung was up to with these multiple Galaxy variations, for a while. Now I may have an answer.

From the next year,  “Galaxy Sx” may not be Samsung’s top of the line/flagship brand anymore.

According to ETNews, Samsung is now working on a super-premium product line, which is likely to become the new “Galaxy F” series.

Industry insiders familiar with the project say that earlier this year, Samsung has decided that having only two flagships a year – Galaxy Sx and Note – is not enough to keep up with the industry change, so they need another, even more premium device to keep up the pace. Which makes at least some sense.

Galaxy S4 does very well against any competitor during spring/summer sales cycle. But come September, competitors like LG and Sony begin shipping their own flagships, and suddenly Galaxy S4 does not look so hot against G2, or Xperia Z1. And, despite its relative popularity, Galaxy Note is not the answer because of the size, a lot of potential customers ignore it. Having a new high-end normal smartphone sized device for the second half of the year, sounds like a pretty smart thing to do.

And that’s what Samsung is trying to do with Galaxy F.

The first new series device should launch early next year, and will be the first Sammy’s phone with full metal body, and new sleek design. It will also come equipped with Octa-core Exynos CPU, and 16 megapixel camera with Optical Image Stabilization. Samsung is still undecided about the screen size for the first Galaxy F.

So how much will Samsung Galaxy F cost? The plan is to make it a super-premium brand and price it at or above Galaxy Note level.


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