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War of Nations is GREE's latest mobile strategy game, a slightly flawed but thoroughly enjoyable title where you try to overtake enemy bases while attempting to expand your own. The game is good fun, but considering it lacks a tutorial, you might be a little confused how it works. With this guide, you can play it more easily.


Get to know your cores.

With War of Nations, you'll have the ability to create three different kinds - base power cores, base plasma cores and base fusion cores. They keep energy up and running throughout a base. The more you have, the more outposts you'll be able to open up, which will easily strengthen your army. You'll start with base power cores before moving on to base fusion and base plasma. The better the core, the stronger the base.

Also keep core tactics in mind when it comes to capturing bases.

Some are easier than others depending on the style of core. Others will require full-on destruction in order to usurp their resources. The best way to go, rather than attacking the cores directly, is working on what's surrounding them, such as command centers and other buildings. Slowly chip away.
-Keep an eye out for item boxes. Scattered throughout each area, they vary in three colors - gold, silver and bronze. The higher the quality, the more valuable they are. They'll allow you to utilize rarer and stronger cores for your bases. Just make sure you don't lose them.

Avoid the "add more gold" scams making their way around the net.

GREE is keeping a close eye on cheaters and banning accounts that have obtained gold illegally rather than buying it through the game. Either spend the money or simply wait for your work to get done. Getting banned isn't worth it.
-Take your time collecting rewards. These are usually left behind when someone loses a battle. However, adding them to your warehouse leaves them vulnerable when someone attacks; they can take these rewards for him or herself. You can leave them and pick them up later - they won't disappear over time - so try to save these items for when you absolutely need them.

Don't go after stronger enemies first.

Start with lower-level adversaries and work your way up in core and army strength. Get more commanders on your team, then prepare for large-scale battles. Remember, preparation is everything. Plus, you won't waste your valuable resources on fights you're going to lose.

Work your way to the center of the map.

This is the strongest place to collect resources, even if it means more enemies will attack from all sides. If you need to abandon a small outpost to take control of something closer to the center, do it. You can reuse a core to build another base, even if you lose some resources in the process.

War of Nations is available now on Get 5 Store and APP Store:

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