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Angry Birds Stella is the latest Angry Birds Game developed by Rovio. As we all known, expect angry birds, the green pigs play an important role in the series of Angry Birds games. Different from any angry bird games before, this time they have a leader, Stella, a new character in this game. Let’s take a look and begin the special adventure journey right now.

Angry Birds Stella is still a physics-based bird flinging puzzle game. The vibrant visuals make the graphics so amazing. The animations for all the birds and pigs also look very cute really. If you play the game depends on the graphics, Angry Birds Stella is a great choice.

Angry Birds Stella

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The biggest difference is that each of new characters has its special ability. This time, there are five birds: Stella, Luca, Willow, Dahlia and Poppy. Stella can bounce off surfaces. Luca can emit a high pitch scream that cuts through glass. Willow and Dahlia can shred through anything. Poppy can drill down vertically and even break through stone to get pigs which are hard to reach.

Angry Birds Stella

The green pigs are always boring. If you hit them failed, they will ridicule and tongue out at you. There is no need for you to worry about the limit quantity of birds. The hammer is another useful tool when you don’t have any birds. You will get some chances to use the hammer if your attack has accumulated to a certain degree. Is it sounds great?

Angry Birds Stella

In a word, Angry Birds Stella is a great choice to relax yourself in your spare time. Download this game here:

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