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1.Music Hero

Music Hero Music Hero
Music Hero is the most rockin' and the only music rhythm game that you can play with your own music! Get ready to feel the rhythm as you tap tap your cell phone screen now!



xPiano+ xPiano+
This piano app uses MIDI, so some keys may not sound, and quality and volume depend on devices.


3.Real Drum

Real Drum Real Drum
Instruments like kick, bass, snare, tom, floor, cymbal, hi-hat, ride, crash, splash, bell, china, block, cowbell and tambourine



Tabla Tabla
Drum pad with indian, arabian and latin percussion sounds.


5.Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar Electric Guitar
Play the electric guitar on your android.


6.Magic Piano

Magic Piano Magic Piano
From Bruno Mars to Mozart, play the hottest songs on the #1 piano game, now available on Android!



Solo Solo
It's ideal for jamming sessions when you don't have your guitar with you, or an excellent reference for when you do!
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