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Filings for a device codenamed LG-821 from Anatel, Brazil's telecom regulator, have been unearthed, suggesting that the Brazilian market may be getting its very own version of the upcoming Nexus 5. Before we get into the specific information that the filing brings to our attention, lets just hold off for a minute longer and delve into what this could mean.

If you're at all aware of how Google's highly sought-after Nexus 4 was distributed, you'll probably know that availability was pretty limited (and not just because of supply hiccups). Namely, unless you lived in say, the States or the UK, for example, chances were that your local Play Store didn't have the Nexus 4 to distribute it in the area. This has largely meant that Nexus 4-enthusiast had to find ways around this via unofficial channels, severely impacting the reach of what continues to be a pretty great device. Well, this new tidbit may indicate that the Google/LG duo is gearing for a more serious push this time around – a decision that is both very welcome, and one that makes a lot of business sense.

Despite our wish to get back to something a fair bit more specific (and a great deal less speculative), we're nevertheless dragged into the guessing game once again, a game that the Nexus 5 has made us unwilling participants of several times now.

Those of you keeping close tabs on the Nexus 5 probably remember that it wasn't always as clear whether the LG-D821 that recently passed through the FCC was the Nexus 5 after all. Rather, at certain points, it seemed very likely that it's actually a variant of the LG G2 (on which the Nexus 5 is said to be based, further complicating things). Another device, the LG-D820, now widely recognized as the actual Nexus 5, was also spotted through FCC and it sported dimensions of 131.9x68.2mm, which is an improvement over the 133.9x68.7mm on the Nexus 4, considering that the display grew to 4.96-inches. The real puzzler here, however, is that the Anatel documents list the LG-D821 at the much larger 137.9x69x8.6mm, very similar to the dimensions of the LG G2, again wrecking havoc to the nicely pieced together story we had so far. What's even more confusing is the fact that Anatel also published an image of the LG-D821's back and it wouldn't be a stretch by any means to say that this is the Nexus 5, not to mention that the devices was listed as weighing 135g, against the LG G2's 143g (Nexus 4 is 139g).

We'll leave you to draw the conclusions for yourself, though here's our (speculative) thinking. Firstly, a trivial error could very well be the cause of the differences in dimensions, though given the precision with which these tests are usually performed, we find that a little far-fetched. Alternatively, and this really strikes us as equally unlikely – Google/LG may be testing two versions of the Nexus 5, with different screen estate, for example. This is, unlikely, as we said, because we actually expect the Nexus 5 to see the light of day fairly soon – October has been hinted a lot. If this last part is indeed true, that means that, ultimately, it shouldn't be too long until the duo puts us out of our misery and announces the darn thing already!

UPDATE: The title of the article has been edited, as a far more likely alternative explanation has been raised. Namely, LG has a manufacturing plant in Brazil, which may very likely be involved in the production in the upcoming Nexus 5. This means, in short, that the new Google phone is simply going through the routine, and it also probably means that a worldwide release of the Nexus 5 is, again, unlikely.

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