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The OPPO N1 is an unannounced 5.9 inch camera-centric Android phablet that has been teased by the manufacturer. The device is equipped with a rear touch panel and can be operated easily with just one hand. OPPO is not only competing in a crowded phablet sector, but is also up against a number of camera-centric models. The OPPO N1 will have a 13MP rear-facing camera using the OEM's home-grown OPPO N-Lens. Additionally, the Owl image sensor will allow the camera to take grest pictures under low light conditions. And the N1 will also have interchangeable lenses available.

A photo of the OPPO N1 has leaked out, pretty much resembling earlier renders of the phone, down to the rounded corners and the large screen.  The phone is believed to carry the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor under the hood with 2GB of RAM on board.

OPPO is expected to unveil the model on September 23rd. Meanwhile, pictures of the packaging for the phone have also been leaked and they reveal a slim white box with rounded corners and minimal printing with the OPPO name on the front. Think of The Beatles' White Album.

If you've been dying to see what OPPO has done with the phablet form factor, be patient as we're only a week away from finding out.

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