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We’re no strangers of strange, sometimes baffling ads in the Android world, but this first episode of a new web series produced by Funny or Die in collaboration with LG has to be one of the more… special.

Starring actors Dave Franco (Now You See Me, 21 Jump Street) and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Kick-Ass 2, This is the End), the web series is called “It’s All Possible” and is supposed to follow the week long exploits of two guys that set in a cross-country adventure to… well, we’re not quite sure why. Just watch the video:

The LG G2 makes a brief appearance along the two bros’ epic adventure, which apparently includes jumping off an airplane, marrying a couple in Las Vegas, making pizza, and a bunch of other zany, mostly random stuff. We know that because LG set up an Instagram account for the It’s All Possible campaign, from where we got some of these masterpieces:


Now, we’re not really sure what’s the message that LG is trying to convey here (well, besides “it’s all possible”). What do you think? Did you enjoy the video?

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