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The Sony SmartWatch 2 has fashionable cloth, water-proof capacity and many built-in apps; while the Galaxy Gear has built-in speaker, microphone and camera. And which one is better? Check it out.







The SmartWatch 2 isn’t the first Sony smart watch, but it has more mature design. It has just 41.5g in weight, and dimension of 36*36*8mm and aluminum alloy body. And its watch strap with silicon is very flexible.

The Gear has dimension of 36.8*55.8*11.1mm, and 73.8g in weight, and metal material, which looks like a giant watch. And it will be available with different colors of straps.

Conclusion: the Sony SmartWatch is better in design as a watch.


The Sony SmartWatch 2 has a just 1.6” 176*220 display but still with better display effects under sunlight.
The Galaxy Gear has a 1.63’ 3208320 display, better contrast and lightness.

Conclusion: the Galaxy Gear has better screen display.

Features and UI

The Sony SmartWatch 2 acts more as a second screen of smartphone, by which users can access notification of phone calling, SMS, email and SNS etc. And it supports other Android devices, and apps installation via smartphone. Furthermore, users can dial on the SmartWatch 2, and set automatic text reply to phone call.

Like the SmartWatch 2, the Gear acts as a second screen of smartphone too. But the Gear just support Galaxy Note 3 and 10.1. Compared with Sony, users can make or receive phone call directly by built-in speaker and microphone, and its 1.9MP camera with auto focus supports 720P video recording. On apps, users still need to install apps via phone.

Conclusion: the Samsung Galaxy Gear has more features.

Battery life

The Sony SmartWatch 2 has 3-4 days standby or 14 hours’ use, but only one and a half day of actual use.
Samsung Galaxy Gear has 24 hours’ use time according to the official. And it also supports Bluetooth 4.0 to save more power.
Conclusion: Galaxy Gear wins

Other features

The SmartWatch 2 supports NFC, and controls music play on phone, and displays album cover etc.

The Galaxy Gear doesn’t have NFC, but it support camera shot and hands-free calls. And it has more exclusive apps like healthy, memo, voice and note etc.

Conclusion: Galaxy Gear has better expansion

Protective ability

SmartWatch 2 support IP57 of dust/water proof, which can works under water for 30 minutes.
Galaxy Gear supports IP55 of water proof, but it can works under water.


As smartwatch, both SmartWatch and Galaxy Gear aren’t perfect. The Galaxy Gear with more features and better expansion just supports two Samsung devices at $299.
The Sony SmartWatch has better hardware compatibility and design, but not so many apps and features like Gear, which will be $200.

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