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It seems like it was light years ago when Samsung's shares started falling amid questions about possibly declining sales of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Korean brokerage firms were cutting their estimates of the number of units of the flagship model that they expected would be shipped by Samsung. U.S. brokerage house Merrill Lynch had cut its estimates of Samsung Galaxy S4 shipments for the year by 5 million to 65 million units. But the head of Samsung Mobile, J.K. Shin, said back then that "S4 sales are solid. It's just that some analysts had higher expectations and then they lowered them." Now as we enter the last month of the third quarter, it seems that Shin might have been right after all when he said that Samsung Galaxy S4 sales were solid.

Samsung Securities, which is a full service investment house, predicts that despite "Galaxy S4′s sluggish initial sales", the manufacturer is expected to sell  over 80 million smartphones during the third quarter that ends this month. During the second quarter, the Korean OEM sold 71 million smartphones of which 22 million were the Samsung Galaxy S4. Clearly, the worries about Samsung and its flagship model were over done. The fears that Samsung would ship 7 million Galaxy S4 units monthly instead of the 10 million originally expected, now appears to be paranoia on the part of analysts.

And with the Samsung Galaxy Note III expected to be introduced on Wednesday, the positive sales trend should continue during the fourth quarter. It looks like Samsung never lost its mojo at all.

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