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Ananias Roguelike wins all the awards just because you can crawl through a ghastly dungeon with a pet cat. 

This top-down RPG tasks you with getting to the bottom of the Ancient Tomb of the Gods in order to collect the powerful artifact at the bottom.

It's a story we've been a part of many times before. But that doesn't excuse you for ignoring the game - it has some compelling scenarios for you.

At the beginning of the game you get to choose to take a cat, dog, or pony with you into the dungeons (I'm serious). You then trundle along, slaying beasts, collecting loot, and probably dying quite a bit.

It's not the hardest roguelike out there, but it has enough variety in its features that it's ripe for rapid replaying and tactical consideration.

I eventually traded my cat with a green monster with a club by putting a ring on it (that Beyoncé song will be in your head all day now). 

This is just one of the unique items you can find that completely changes how each playthrough goes. Of course, there are new weapons and armour to find, and you'll want to keep hold of spell books to repair your weapons, too.

Exploring all these different possibilities and learning how best to work with what you find is what will keep you playing this roguelike.

You can download Ananias Roguelike on Android right now for free. It's also available to play in your browser. It's always being updated, too, so watch its devlog.


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