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Summoners War: Sky Arena is a new mobile role playing game by Com2us USA. You play as a monster summoner, and you and your cadre of monsters set out on quests through numerous regions, and being that this is a mobile RPG, to manage your team in a card-collecting style of gameplay. Here are some hottest tips, cheats, hints, guide and walkthrough for you.

Summoners War: Sky Arena

Know the three main elements of every monster

This works as rock paper scissors mechanics where you need to take advantage from one another weaknesses. This works like these: yellow is weak against red, blue is weak against yellow and red is weak against blue. The trick here is to is to go for a good variation in your team while for some stage that you experience tough challenge you can swap in multiple monsters of a certain color to play this part effectively. Knowing the flow will let you think for a good strategy per stage. As you make progress you will learn how to handle every advantage of your card while taking cover the disadvantage in the long run.

download Summoners War: Sky Arena

Download Summoners War: Sky Arena

Get more monsters as fodder and additional monsters in general

The trick here is to boost up your account with social points by adding people as friends and use their leader card in battle. Definitely you want also to use your leader card in helping them so you will also get the points in return. To convince everyone in using your card, you should set the strongest card of yours as a leader so as this will give them a big hand in defeating their opponent.

Summoners War: Sky Arena

Take advantage of Glory Points in the Glory Store

Earn more glory points by participating in the Arena. You earn them every time you fight, and you earn them every time someone battles you, as well. Go to the Glory Point Store and you can buy more unknown scrolls, mystical scrolls, and buildings which increase your energy, mana production, and which can provide blanket statistical increases for all of your monsters.

Summoners War: Sky Arena

Take advantage of the buildings that can earn you free crystals just by existing

The Crystal Mine can be purchased beginning at level 10, and once you have it, it will earn you one gem every 10 hours. Up to three gems can collect here at a time. After that, it will be full and nothing will appear until you collect the crystals and empty it out. The Crystal Titan does the same thing except it earns one crystal every 8 hours instead of every 10 hours.

Summoners War: Sky Arena

Use extra buildings to earn your monsters some free experience points

Build the Tranquil Forest, and you can stick monsters in there (up to four at a time) and they will earn 100 experience points every hour. Build the Crystal Lake and up to four monsters at a time can earn 150 experience points. Build the Gusty Cliffs and it will do the same thing as Crystal Lake, except that you can place up to five monsters in there at a time.

Summoners War: Sky Arena

Invite friends to earn some major bonuses

The more friends that you invite, and who actually accept your invites, the better the rewards that you will earn. 5 friends will earn you some mana, while 10 and 30 friends will earn you free crystals, and 50 friends will earn you a rare monster. You can invite via Facebook, texting or email, so try to invite those who you know play mobile RPGs.

Summoners War: Sky Arena is available on Get5 Store and App Store:

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