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Tactics Maiden is at its core a fast-paced, turn-based strategy game, in which players must conquer enemy outposts, scattered throughout the battlefield. What differentiates the game from its competition is among other features an incredibly advanced enemy AI and flexible character builds based on skill points, redistributed at will. 

As each battle presents its very own challenge, players must constantly redefine their strategy and army of heroes and mercenaries. Player units are customizable and carried over from each scenario, and the skill system included features more than one thousand items.

Tactics Maiden features five unique difficulty settings catering to players of all ages and experiences levels, and each game lasts an impressive 40-60 hours of fun. With its addictive gameplay, immersive action, and 85 scenarios (8 available for free), Tactics Maiden is packed full of features. With 36 unique character classes, and more than 70 special skills, fans of the genre has a lot to be excited about!  

Tactics Maiden

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