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Star Wars: Commander is a combat strategy game from LucasArts. In this game, you play as a mercenary warrior who teams up with either the Rebellion or the Empire, then engages in story-based missions as well as PvP. Today we share some tips, cheats, guide and walkthrough that will help you get more fun from this mobile game.

Star Wars: Commander

Build up resource buildings first

The Credit Market and Alloy Refinery are the first things you should build on your base and level them up quickly, followed by the Credit Vault and Alloy Depot. You need a ton of resources throughout the game, but especially early on, you want to get an advantage. Nobody will attack you for three days (or until you attack another human player), so don’t worry about defenses and focus on the resources to build up your base as much as possible.

Star Wars: Commander

Crystals are the premium currency

To get free crystals, clear out all of the junk and rocks that are strewn about your base. Plus, the more completed achievements and single player story chapters, the more crystals you’ll earn. Spend your crystals on more droids before anything else, since that will have a HUGE permanent effect on your base’s growth.

Focus on the missions first

The missions are made in such a way that they are easy to beat for beginner players, while offering you some nice rewards as well. So focus on completing the missions and mastering them to increase your resource counts and get some free Crystals. When you hit the point where you can no longer get three stars in the single player missions, that might be the time to start attacking other players.

Star Wars: Commander

Defend your base

From the attacking strategy above you will realize that defending it from random attacks is very important. As you generate lots of resources, you need to defend it from other players by loading up your defenses that will protect not only your resources but also trophies from ambitious players. There is no use to attack and ransack every resource from players if you can’t defend it at all. If happens that you can’t really make it you should spend your resources all the way after grabbing it from other empire.

Star Wars: Commander

Never neglect your research facility

Never neglect your research facility as that’s one of your most important tools for battle. Research your troops to as high of a level as you can based on how often you use them. A high-level low-tier generalist (such as a high level stormtrooper) is nearly unstoppable in high numbers for all but the most advanced players, or players with the highest-level walls.

Star Wars: Commander

How to properly attack other players

The more Medals you get, the tougher your opponents will be, so it’s a good idea to keep the Medal count low in order to get players that are easy to beat.
There are two strategies for advanced players as well as beginners in Star Wars: Commander when it comes to attacking: resource stealing (similar to what I have explained below) when you lower your Medal counts, or Medal attacks where you don’t care too much about the resources, but winning the battle and getting the Medal rewards instead. If it’s the latter you’re after, find the bases that reward you with the most medals and attack them. Just make sure that you win!

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