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Star Traders 2 RPG will expand upon the concepts of the original Star Traders, allowing you to tell your own story in a sprawling galaxy, full of human strife, political intrigue, and deadly aliens.


The Trese Brothers team is aiming to raise $50,000 in order to fund the completion of the project, which is targeted to be released in the fourth quarter of 2015.  Notably, you can pre-order the game at a discount of up to 50%, join the alpha team for an opportunity to work directly with the Trese Brothers during the final stage of development, or add your own story and creation into the world as a famous Captain, officer, or NPC.

If funded, the space-opera RPG will include:

Multiple turn-based 2D game perspectives, following your Captain or ship

Procedurally generated maps to make every game different in the huge sandbox RPG

Unique and individual characters for your crew, officers, and everyone you meet. The game's unique Motivation Engine will create characters with interrelated traits, goals and prejudices and allows these characters, and your relationship with them, to grow and change over time and through game events


Modular ship design allowing you to upgrade your vessel to fit the needs of your profession, type of work and your crew

Realistic trade simulation, where you will build a trading strategy to capitalize on long distance trade routes, rare trade goods and supply and demand

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