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Acer introduced its first Android-powered all-in-one earlier this year at Mobile World Congress, and it's following up with a second model here at IFA. The just-announced DA241HL is a 24-inch touch machine running Android Jelly Bean 4.2 with a quad-core Tegra 3 processor under the hood. Yes, you read that correctly -- that NVIDIA chip is usually found in mobile devices, but Acer's found a home for it in a decidedly larger package. The company says the DA241Hl is "designed to offer users the same familiar experience as with tablets and smartphones," which also explains the Android OS on board. Naturally, users have access to Google Play, and MHL connectivity means the AIO can act as a monitor complete with two-point touch. Acer will launch the 24-incher in October for €429 and up.

We're not finished yet; the company's rolling out three other desktops, all of which have a full HD 23-inch touch display. The Aspire U5-610 comes with your choice of Intel Haswell processors, along with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760M GPU and up to 16GB of RAM. At €1,129 and up, it's the highest-end option of the group. The Aspire Z3-105, starting at €799, sports an IPS display and runs AMD's latest A series quad-core CPUs with Radeon graphics, and it brings the entertainment chops with Harman Kardon speakers and Dolby Home Theater surround sound. Both the U5-610 and the Z3-105 will launch in December. Finally, there's the Aspire Z3-610, which runs a Haswell processor with your choice of Intel graphics or an NVIDIA GPU. It will go for €799 and up when it hits the market in January. You'll find the press info for all four products past the break.

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