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Pet Rescue Saga is a free block-matching game by King, the makers of Candy Crush Saga! In this game, you need to save various pets from snatchers. Here are the best tips, tricks, and cheats I've found when it comes to not only beating levels in Pet Rescue Saga, but obliterating them!



Pay attention to pets first

In most levels, your number one objective should be saving your pets. This means paying attention to where they are on the board and making your main goal to move them down as fast as you can. Avoid them standing on single colored blocks that can't be paired with anything around it. In order to do this, you'll need to think a move or two ahead. Look at what blocks they're standing on and make every attempt to make sure they're standing on a stack that can quickly be tapped away when you get to the bottom in order to free them. The less blocks you have, the harder this becomes, so plan for it early on.


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Plan your moves accordingly

This somewhat goes with step one but can be applied to any level, pets present or not. Planning moves not only helps you clear levels faster, it also increases your overall score. I've found that in most levels, working from the bottom up is the best bet. Pay attention to what's on top and clear opposite colors on the bottom. This way, those top blocks have a better chance of coming down on like colors that you can then easily clear.


Giving and receiving free lives

Pay attention to how many lives you have before accepting more from friends. They'll stay in your inbox as long as you let them but if you accept them when you have full lives, it doesn't add anymore and you can't get them back or redeem them later.


It’s not necessary to clear all the blocks to clear any stages

Each of the stages in this mobile puzzler includes specific goals, such as rescuing a specific amount of pets or reaching a specific score. It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of clearing all the blocks off a stage (we know it’s second nature to do that). You don’t have to clear all the blocks so focus on completing the specific requests on hand.


Take advantage of the pet delay

After you spot a lone pet at the bottom of the stage, that means it’s soon going to be set loose. There’s usually a couple of seconds that delay those pets leaving the stage. This results in the blocks above the pet staying in the same formation before it adjusts to the pet’s absence. Use those precious few seconds to get a few block combos going.

Pet Rescue Saga is available on Get5 Store and App Store:

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