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Swing Copters is the latest puzzle game developed by Dong Nguyen, the developer of Flappy Bird. Just like Flappy Bird, it’s simple, but the extreme challenge will keep you so busy at last, especially for masochists.

The art style of Swing Copters is also simple -- pastel colors and blistering difficulty. It seems that Swing Copters is another Flappy Bird. But the background is changed at least.

Swing Copters

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Instead of flapping a bird flying up and down to through pipes, this time you need to keep a copter moving around. In order to avoiding being hit by the swing giant hammers, it’s important for you to maser the rising path of the copter. Making the copter flying as high as you can is your mission in Swing Copters.

Swing Copters

You will use a single tap to control the copter. When the game starts, you must try your best towards your direction. In order to prevent a lethal crash, you must tap your screen quickly and carefully and change directions from time to time. However, the swinging hammer is another important thing you must beware of. It will change in another direction in a short time before you detect. If you make it though a gate successfully, don’t get too excited, because it always leads to failure quickly and inevitably.

Swing Copters

In general, Swing Copters is a new challenge for all players. If you look down upon it, you are wrong. People with high scores of 50 in Flappy Bird will still have a hard time surviving for the first score.

Swing Copters

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