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Another week in the books and that means yet another chance for us to show you all some of our favorite applications. While some may be fun, others a bit more practical, they all serve a purpose, and rock at doing so. Let's hit the break and check out some of our favorites from this week!

1.Frankie Pain

Frankie Pain is a "Run and Gun" style puzzle game with mind blowing graphics.
Frankie Pain is a "Run and Gun" style puzzle game with mind blowing graphics and 13 pulse-pounding levels of aliens, weird creatures and awesome weapons. Fight your way through each level, picking up power-ups and special achievements along the way, to win the game and save the Earth!

Meet Frankie Pain. He's a highly trained, combat savvy mercenary who sells his skills to the highest bidder. In this case, the highest bidder is the military. Frankie's mission is to test a new weapon for the government, but there's a catch. The weapon is to be battle tested against none other than his old nemesis, General Am'Elam, the leader of the alien invasion on Earth.

The military is hoping Frankie can save the Earth, but Frankie has other plans. This enemy has humiliated him in the past; forcing him to run and hide. Now Frankie's only goal is sweet revenge. If the Earth gets saved from destruction in the process, well that's just fine, too, but Am'Elam is going down no matter what.


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