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As a fan of Clumsy Ninja, I just can't resist the dull and innocent look of the ninja, we have to say, it's a cute and addictive game with the realistic motion-based animation. The game is quite simple with the background story of a ninja on a mission to find his girlfriend, Kira. So our task is to train this clumsy ninja into a powerful one. 

With the help of Sensei, you'll guide this clumsy ninja through quests, earn XP, train, and play together. Now, you may be asking how you can get that done as fast and as best as ninja-ly possible? So during this process, what is the tips and tricks we should know? First of all, let's get to know the difference of the three elements in game: XP, coins and Diamonds.



As in many other games, XP stands for Experience Points. You accumulate these as you interact with your ninja, complete challenges and train. Some items are better for gaining XP than others, and you can use the Items section of this guide for further information on the most economical way to do this.


Coins are the basic system of currency in the game. They are used to purchase pretty much every item in the game. You generally earn coins for completing training tasks and quests, but you also earn them once you have reached Level 10 and unlocked animals. Finally, you will also earn Coins by logging into the game every day and receiving the Daily Bonus that comes with it. You only earn the Daily Bonus by putting the ninja to sleep on his mat once per day. Don't forget, as with all these sorts of games, you can purchase Coins using real money if you really want to get ahead.



The premium currency in Clumsy Ninja is Diamonds. These are rarely found in the game (though still more often than in most free-to-play games). You use Diamonds to speed up any of the actions in the game, such as repairing items or even completing quests. They are earned mainly from leveling up, though you can also get them occasionally as part of Daily Bonuses or through promotions - such as linking the game to your Facebook account.


And now here are the ways for us to know what we should do to gain more XP, coins and diamonds.

1. Log in daily to get daily bonuses

Actually, the daily bonuses are great for giving you some nice extra money in Clumsy Ninja, so make sure you don’t skip a day – you want all those great rewards for your ninja! Put him to bed at night and wake him up in the morning, no matter you treat him as a pet or friend, it is just so adorable!Get to 7 days in a row and you can collect 1,000 coins in one go. That's a lot of balloon money!


2. Training as much as possible

The easiest thing you can do in order to earn XP and level up to different belts quicker is train. As you progress through the game, you will continue to unlock new training items. Each of those typically has subsets inside of it as well. For instance, you can have many trampolines to work with. Lower level ones replenish faster so don't take them for granted. Whenever you can use them for training, make sure you do so you accumulate as much XP as you can, as fast as you can.


3. Complete missions

This one is pretty obvious,  you need to complete missions in order to progress through the game and level up fast. So always keep an eye on the requirements, complete them and get a nice XP boost for your clumsy ninja.


4.Free repairs

Every time you train you'll typically have to repair an item. Clumsy Ninja gives you a few options depending on the repair. One option is to pay in coins or gems.  In some cases, you get the option to watch a short video or send out a tweet. Alternately, you can always just wait it out and let Sensei repair the item for you after a certain period of time. Wait before using coins or gems, unless you absolutely have to repair something. In my experience so far, there's never a reason to pay for a repair. Just train with something else instead for the time being.


5. Buy animals and plats with coins!

The chicken is the first animal you encounter as of level 10. You can of course use gems in order to acquire them quicker but it isn't really worth it. Collect animals if and when you can. They earn you money each day for doing nothing so they're a good investment over time.


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