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Hay Day was released for iOS and Android successivey. In the game, the uncle of the game player (Greg) owns a farm. As he is not able to take care of his farm any more, he hands over the responsibility of caring for the farm to the player. The game starts with a scarecrow teaching the player about harvesting wheat. Virtual farming is a time consuming job. But some cheats and tips will make things easier.

Hay Day

Look for unlocked treasure chests
This Hay Day cheat becomes less effective the more you use it, but the first couple of times it should work. You might need to try it as many as 20 times to find an unlocked treasure chest.

  •  Find a tool box on a follower’s, helper’s or friend’s farm. If the box is closed, tap anywhere on the screen, except the x button.
  •  Now go to another friend’s farm and find the same tool box. If the tool box is unlocked, you can take everything inside. You can find tools and other things you can use to keep your farming running smoothly. Once you go back to your farm you should find the tools you found in the tool box in available farming tools.
  •  If the tool box is still locked? Keep doing the same process, until you find a tool box that’s unlocked. You can keep getting free stuff using this method, at least as long as it continues to work.

download Hay Day

Download Hay Day

Getting more diamonds

Diamonds are the most valuable currency in Hay Day. There are ways to get more diamonds and even free diamonds.
If you synchronize Facebook with the game, you'll get diamonds every time you go up a level. Players also get five diamonds for logging in using Hay Day, discovering a movie ticket and watching a trailer for another video game.

  •  Once you reach level 24, start mining for diamonds. If you open the mine and blast using TNT, you’ll get diamonds every few explosions.
  •  Watch for purple tickets that appear near the newspapers they deliver to the farm. By clicking these tickets, gamers can claim diamonds.
  •  Players collecting all 78 achievements through the three levels are given a ribbon and diamonds upon completion of each level.
  •  Players reaching level 27 should go fishing for diamonds. Look for the boat that needs repairing and fix it. Head out on the water and get 1-3 diamonds, depending on the size of fish you catch. Bronze fish get one diamond, silver get two, and gold get three diamonds.

Hay Day

Gain Experience Points Fast

  •  Once gamers reach level 15, picking apples from trees on the farm will give 7 experience points.
  •  Look for advertisements in the paper about apple trees and visit the farms in question. Find shaking apple trees on these farms, click on the sign, and gain experience points.

Hay Day

Finding Missing Crops

If you have run out of a certain type of crop, go into your friends tab and select Greg. Enter his roadside shop and buy everything that is there. Sometimes there are even some tools there for a very low price. If Greg does not have what you want, visit other farms and go thought their Newspapers and buy what you need in bulk

Hay Day animals

Stay in Tune with Your Animals and Crops

Once you finally start to comprehend the concept of your farm animals and crops, everything will start to mesh well as far as your game progress is concerned.

Hay Day is available on Get 5 Store and App Store:

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