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Earn to Die 2 will launch on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore in late 2014. Check out the official trailer below for a sneak peak of what Earn to Die 2 has in stall. You will find that it would be worth to wait!

Earn to Die 2 will see players unlock, upgrade and drive vehicles in a post-apocalyptic world, smashing through hordes of zombies along the way. The sequel will see a departure from the familiar desert setting of the original game, and will delve into the depths of cities overrun by zombies.

Earn to Die 2

Key Features

Earn to Die 2 will boast a brand new Story Mode five times longer than its predecessor. Levels will now be multi-tiered, allowing players to drive over decaying highway overpasses, navigate via underground tunnels and smash through epic zombie-filled factories.

Earn to Die 2

10 new vehicles will be available for players to unlock, each upgradable with spiked frames, roof-mounted guns, and more. Plus, vehicles are now fully destructible, meaning if you're not too careful - parts of your vehicle might just fall off and become victim to the zombie apocalypse...

Earn to Die 2

And for those able to beat the Story Mode, an all new Missions Mode awaits.

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