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Glass Dream entertainment has just released their new Android game Clockwork Kiwi: Dungeon Dash on the Google Play Store.

Clockwork Kiwi: Dungeon Dash is an action packed steam-punk two part platform adventure.

Riding on the back of your clockwork kiwi bird, escape from the depths of the cold stone dungeon. Run, jump, dash and dive your way past perilous obstacles, mechanical traps and steam powered robots. After escaping the main dungeon, dive into the underwater adventure and swim your way to freedom.

Collect coins along the way to unlock new costumes for your heroes and other features.

Clockwork Kiwi: Dungeon Dash

Game Features

-   Stunning hand drawn environments

-   Two parts: Main Dungeon and Underwater Dungeon

-   Optimized for smart-phones and Tablets

-   Captivating soundtrack

-   Customizable costumes

-   70 action packed levels

-   Ad free and no micro-transactions

Clockwork Kiwi: Dungeon Dash

At Glass Dream entertainment we feel strongly about keeping our games ad-free. Also with the rise of in-app purchases limiting game play, we decided to release a game that players can play uninterrupted and without having to dip into their wallets to continue the adventure.

Clockwork Kiwi: Dungeon Dash

Download this game here;


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